Chevrolet Tire Maintenance

Worn out, underinflated, or overinflated tires put you and your vehicle at greater risk of damage from road hazards. You may also experience reduced fuel economy, poor handling, and a rougher ride. At worst, poor tire health can cause overheating, and potentially cause a tire blowout. We can avoid these issues with the regular maintenance of your Chevrolet’s tires.

What Causes Tire Wear?

Your vehicle’s tires take a beating every time you drive your car. Road conditions, changes in weather, and your driving style all play a factor in how severe your tires wear out. Ensuring proper tire inflation to make sure that your tires wear evenly are both important to help tires last longer.

Why is Tire Pressure Important?

Your tire will wear differently based on your tire pressure. If the tire is overinflated, you will find that the center of the tire wears quicker than the outer edges. An underinflated tire leads to the outer edges wearing out faster than the center. To ensure even tire wear, make sure that your tire pressure is equivalent to the recommendation on the side of the tire. Your owner’s manual will also tell you what your ideal tire pressure should be.

Why is Tire Rotation Important?

Rotating your tires means moving them from the front to the back, from left to right, or sometimes even diagonally. The purpose of tire rotation is to make certain that the tires wear evenly. Typically, the front tires will wear out much faster than the rear tires. Evenly worn-out tires mean a smoother and safer ride. Tire rotation also assists with greater tire longevity, saving you money in the long run.

Why is Wheel Alignment Important?

Your suspension system is what connects the wheels to the car. The suspension system can fall out of alignment through driving on rough roads, hitting potholes, and even climate changes. The purpose of a wheel alignment is to make adjustments to your car’s suspension system so that your wheels are back in alignment. If you find that your tires are wearing unevenly or if your vehicle is pulling to the right or left, it may be time for a wheel alignment. A vibrating steering wheel is another sign that your wheels need an alignment.

There are several benefits of regular tire maintenance including improved performance and fuel economy. Tire pressure, alignment, and rotation are the cornerstone of that maintenance. Bring your car, truck, or SUV to Coastal Chevrolet of Pawley’s Island, SC for your next tire service.

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