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Lease Return at Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac Nissan

Through our Finance Center, we offer a variety of lease return options so you can feel confident when choosing a new vehicle, or returning your previous lease. Keep reading to review all your options and learn about the benefits of leasing or financing through Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac Nissan. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or stop by your local Coastal dealership for a face-to-face consultation about your lease return options.

Interested in turning your lease in early to exchange for a new model? Want to purchase your current lease? Whatever you may be looking for, Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac Nissan’s experts in the Finance Center are here to help. Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac Nissan offers numerous end-of-lease options to choose from, including:

  1. Lease a new vehicle
  2. Purchase a new vehicle
  3. Purchase your currently leased vehicle
  4. Walk away hassle-free after your inspection

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By leasing with Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac Nissan, you can get behind the wheel of an all-new model every few years. You also have several lease-end options available to you, making it easier than ever to find the perfect plan for your lifestyle and budget. When it comes to leasing, you don’t need to worry about resale value, warranty, or long-term commitment. If the value of the vehicle drops when you are leasing it won’t affect you. If on the other hand, the vehicle holds its value better than expected, you will be able to buy the vehicle! Additional leasing benefits include:

  • Lower down payment
  • Lower monthly payment
  • Opportunity to drive a new car every two to three years
  • Factory warranty to cover major repairs

Lease-End Overview

Nearing the end of your lease? During the last six months of your lease, you should begin to consider your next steps. Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac Nissan offers a number of options so you can feel confident in your decision. Here are some things you should consider during the last few months of your lease to be best prepared when turning in your leased vehicle:

  • Identify any potential excess wear and use through a self-assessment
  • Make necessary repairs to avoid any excess wear and use charges
  • Research the benefits of leasing vs financing
  • Schedule a Turn-In Appointment


If you’re looking to own your vehicle outright, financing may be the best option for you! Financing allows you to put your name on the title, and if you’re interested, you may also be able to trade it in for a newer vehicle down the road. Ownership opens up several options when it comes to selling, trading, refinancing, and customization of your ride. That’s not all, financing lets you choose from numerous loan services to get the best rate. At Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac Nissan, we offer competitive financing rates and terms on our great selection of new and used trucks, cars, and SUVs. Want to get started? Fill out our secure finance application online, or take a look at our online payment calculator resource. Additional benefits to financing include:

  • Customize the vehicle to make it uniquely yours
  • Unlimited miles without penalty
  • Build equity with ownership

Why Finance with Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac Nissan

The Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac Nissan Finance Center is dedicated to ensuring that your experience with our dealership exceeds your highest expectations. We know the financing process can sometimes seem scary but regardless if you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit our finance team will work directly with you to help you through the process. Additional reasons to finance through Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac Nissan include:


Leases generally go from 24 to 36 months depending on your terms.
  1. Turn in your vehicle and purchase or lease a new vehicle
  2. Purchase the vehicle you're currently driving
  3. Return your vehicle to your Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac Nissan dealership.

Yes, you can purchase your leased vehicle at any time during the lease. Contact Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac Nissan for forms, instructions, and the payoff amount. We cannot accept payoffs from third parties (such as friends and family). If a dealer would like to purchase your vehicle, they will need to contact us directly for the dealer payoff amount.

Leasing offers more financial freedom and less long-term commitment, whereas financing is an asset and can lead to no car payments in the long term.

    Lower monthly payments
  • Warranty protection throughout most or all of your lease term
  • Flexible terms and mileage
  • Ability to turn in or buy your vehicle at lease-end
  • Mileage limitations
  • No customizations
  • Excessive wear cost
  • Not an asset
  • Customize the vehicle to make it uniquely yours
  • Unlimited miles without penalty
  • Build equity with ownership
  • There are no charges for excess wear and use
  • Higher monthly payments
  • Higher down payment
  • Higher repair costs
  • Vehicle depreciation
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