Get The Most Out of Your Car This Summer

July 22nd, 2019 by

Summer Service at Coastal

Summer is here, and that means road trips and vacations. The high temperatures of summer and long hours on the road, however, mean added stress on your vehicle’s systems. Here are a few ways to really get the most trouble-free miles out of your car this year: 

  • Cooling system: Your engine’s coolant is what disperses the heat from the combustion process. Coolant needs to be changed at specific intervals, however, to flush out rust, scale and other impurities that can make it lose its effectiveness. Regular coolant flushes are the best way to protect your radiator, water pump, and other cooling components. 
  • Oil change: Your engine’s oil is its lifeblood. Without the protection against wear and friction that oil provides, the engine would seize within minutes. Motor oil picks up contaminants like carbon, acids, metal shavings and water vapor, which is why it needs to be changed at regular intervals (check your owner’s manual for service interval and recommended oil). An oil change is a great way to start off summer for your car. 
  • Tires: How are your tires looking? Plenty of tread depth? No foreign objects in the tread or sidewalls? It’s a good idea to check your tires’ condition regularly, especially inflation. Underinflated tires will cost you money in terms of lowered fuel economy and premature wear. While you’re at it, a tire rotation is a good idea to ensure even wear on all four tires and enhance road manners. 
  • Brakes: Since the friction material of brake pads lasts 50,000 miles or more, it’s hard to tell when brakes are worn to a point where the pads need replacement. While you’re getting your vehicle ready for summer, have the brakes inspected and replace the pads if they’re worn to ¼” thickness or less. 

At Coastal, we want your summer to be a fun, safe one for you and your family. Make an appointment with our service department so we can ensure your vehicle’s ready for the rigors of summer travel! 

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