Tips to Keep your Car Cool in the Sweltering Summer Heat

August 19th, 2019 by

The heat can not only take a toll on the human body but can wear down cars quickly. Not much is worse than heading out on a road trip, family vacation or even out to work and having the air conditioner blow hot air at you or your car engine overheat.

We have provided some ways to help keep you from overheating this summer and keep your car running cool. If you need a professional opinion, contact our service department today to schedule a maintenance checkup.

Pop the Hood

Make sure fluid levels are filled to prevent your car from overheating. Keep your coolant level to the fill line and consult your owner’s manual regarding the kind of coolant your vehicle takes. When in doubt contact our service department to assist you.

  • Always Keep it Cool

With the temperature rising in the summer, watch your vehicle’s temperature gauge for higher-than-normal temperatures. If the temperature spikes, that means there may be a mechanical issue that needs your immediate attention. Your first action when the temperature rises, should be to pull over in a safe place, turn off the car, and let it cool down.

You can’t do anything about a hot engine other than wait for it to cool off. While waiting, give our service department a call to help you decide your next steps.

  • Cooling System Flush

Keep your cooling system healthy and schedule a coolant flush. The frequency varies, but many manufacturers say to do this every four years or 40,000 miles—check your manual for vehicle-specific estimates. 

  • Maintenance and Checks

Yes, it sounds obvious in this case, but regular vehicle maintenance and checks can prevent issues or catching them before they become bigger problems. A prime example for routine maintenance includes oil changes, this helps keep your engine in tip-top shape and removing any excess heat from your engine.

Most people probably do not think this, but the summer heat can also do a number on car batteries. Coastal’s service department can do a complete check on your battery and charging system to ensure it is in good order. If it has an issue, we can also repair or replace it. Keeping your battery in good working order will prevent you from ending up stuck somewhere in the heat!

  • Emergency Preparedness

You never know when something could happen on the road. We always recommend to be prepared for anything and it is always better to be safe than sorry. Fill your emergency kit with basic supplies like distilled water for the radiator, drinking water for yourself, jumper cables, a flashlight, and a first aid kit. If you want to go the extra mile, have an external battery pack to charge phones, some road flares, and non-perishable food. The basics go along way and can keep a bad situation from getting worse.

Keep it Cool 

The heat inside a car during the summer months can spike quickly. Here are some quick tips to make sure your car stays cool while you are at work, running errands, or parked at home. Keeping your vehicle interior protected from the sun will also assist in decreasing color fade, or wear on your car.

  • Park in a Covered Area

Parking in the shade, garage, covered overhang, parking garage, etc. are all vital to keeping your car at a comfortable temp during the summer months. It is often more convenient to park closer to the front entrance of your work, store you are shopping at or event you are attending, but when possible parking under shade will keep you car comfortable when you re-enter.

  • Use a Sun Protector

Packing a sunshade in your car is a great way to keep your interior cool. You can purchase a variety of reflective shades online, local stores or auto supply store near you. Place on your front windshield and consider investing inside window shade or tinted windows as well. Keeping UV rays off your dashboard, leather seats, and plastics within the interior will help preserve the appearance and keep the cabin temperature at a reasonable temperature. 

  • Cool Your Car Down Fast

If possible start your car before you enter with the A/C on to assist with cool down before you enter. Newer vehicle models have apps to connect with your car to get your interior temperature to your ideal level. You can also roll down the windows right away to let out the hot air. It is not always best practice to turn everything to full blast, but getting the air conditioner on sooner rather than later will get you to a comfortable condition while driving.

Is your vehicle overheating? Does your air conditioner take too long to cool down or just blow hot air? Get your car serviced and checked out at Coastal. Contact us to set an appointment today.

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