What To Get Mom This Mother’s Day

April 22nd, 2019 by

So it won’t be long before Mother’s Day gets here, and Mom deserves some nice gifts, don’t you think? What could better than making sure Mom has a nice, reliable, comfortable way to get around? Here are a few ideas:

  • Auto accessories: Obviously there’s so much to choose from here, ranging from comfort items like a console, seat covers or a steering wheel cover to a complete car stereo. One thing’s for sure, accessories can make the driving experience a lot more fun and comfortable, and it’s only limited by your imagination, your budget and your mom’s tastes and needs.
  • Tune-up and maintenance: There’s plenty to choose from here. Summer’s on its way, so an A/C tuneup and recharge would be a good idea. While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to change the cabin air filter too – it’s quick and easy and can make summer driving a lot more pleasant by filtering out pollen, dust, particulates and any weird smells. How long has it been since her ride has had an oil change? Tire rotation? How many miles are on it, and how long has it been since the plugs have been changed? Air filter? What kind of shape are the hoses and belts in? Does it have a timing belt, and is the service interval coming up for it?
  • Tires: This is gonna be a little pricier, of course, but a set of tires makes such a difference in ride quality, road noise, road manners and handling. Plus if you look around, you can find great deals and rebates on a set of tires!
  • A new car: Obviously not everyone can do this, but hear us out. There are all kinds of deals on new or lightly-used cars, from dealers that are motivated to get ‘em off their lots. That includes lease options, zero-percent financing, great trade-in terms and plenty of other choices. And of course if you get Mom a new car, it’s going to mean a lengthy warranty period where nobody will have to worry about repairs or maintenance. Imagine her surprise if she walked out to the driveway and saw a brand-new truck, SUV, minivan or sedan!

So…did we give you any ideas?

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